This blog is to help me improve on my photography skills and hopefully help some of you out there who are also attempting the self-taught method of photo taking and editing.

If you enjoy photography, seeing other people’s creative processes or are just interested in how one goes about learning a new skill, then this blog may appeal to you.


So, a little about me: I am twenty-something years old from the UK currently living in Japan as an English teacher. My days usually involve cycling across rice paddies to rural schools where I spend my time with the crazy primary school children and moody junior high teens. I really enjoy travelling and always take my camera with me. I use a Fujifilm X10 which I’ve owned for a few years and I am always snapping pictures with it. That said, I also enjoy a good lazy day in front of the TV, a cup of tea is never too far away. I am passionate about photography, music and food and some day I hope make a living out of these three things (I wish!).

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