Tiny Dancers

Hello! Today’s post is going to be about these two little dancing boys. I took this photo while on a group tour of Ushimado Town.


This is a small town on the coastline of Okayama Prefecture and it was a beautifully sunny October day. This photo was taken during the Autumn Festival that takes place in this town every October. It features the very interesting Karako Dance, that is performed by two boys in traditional Korean costume to traditional Korean music. The boys are carried around the town, stopping at certain points to perform the dance until they reach the main shrine of the town. The boys are not allowed to touch to ground or walk by themselves when moving from one dancing spot to another.

Now, let’s take a look at what I did to this photo to make it look like it does!

Here is the original photo:

Screenshot (35)

You can see it is rather flat. I think the lighting and composition are fine but I felt the vibrant, colourful costumes needed emphasising. It’s also great that the two boys, the main feature of the photo, are wearing orange which contrasts brilliantly with the blue-costumed attendants and the sky. I really wanted to take advantage of this so I thought it was a perfect photo to experiment with in Lightroom.

Screenshot (34)

So first of all I played with the exposure just a little and I increased the vibrance quite a bit. I adjusted the shadows and clarity as well before applying a Lightroom preset. This preset is called ‘Old Polar’ and I think it really makes the photo pop so much more. It brings out lovely detail in the clothes of the two boys and, like the name suggests, gives it a feeling of an old photograph and it adds warmth to the photo. I then added a vignette to bring the focus into the centre of the image. I really like this effect and the overall result.

Screenshot (36)

So there you have it. I really love this photo because it is so colourful. What do you think?

As always, you can follow me on instagram for more photos and less writing. I will leave you with a few more photos from this day at Ushimado Town.

Preparing for the dance
Carried away to the next dancing spot.


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