I have enrolled in WordPress’ Photography Course and the first lesson’s topic is ‘home’.

Although I am currently living in Japan, my true home is and always will be the UK. I come from a small village in the south of England, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Fields, forests, rolling hills – everything is green. It is one thing I sorely miss in Japan – green expanses of fields and woodlands. Yes Japan has trees but usually coating the sides of mountains that are vertically impossible to climb (at least safely). One thing that I have noticed a distinct lack of, however, are fields. More specifically, fields of grass. I spent a lot of my childhood and teen years walking through the surrounding fields, playing and lying in the sun.



I took this photo a few years ago from one of my favourite spots near my home, it shows a fantastic view of the South Downs and I would visit this spot regularly with my friends. This really spells home for me and it is one of the sights I miss and am looking forward to seeing again when I return to the UK.

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