The traditional image most people have of a scarecrow is a straw-stuffed jacket hung limply on a pole, looking like anything but a real person in a field. If you’re lucky it might even be wearing a hat. Not very scary and certainly not crow-proof.

In Japan, however, especially in the village near my apartment, there are these very realistic scarecrows that are so believable, I catch myself all too often about to greet them with a cheery ‘Good morning!’ on my way to work.

Take a look at the following photos, they have been arranged in realistic poses to give the impression of local people, old and young, going about their day to day business. Enough to fool any crop-eating bird as well as unsuspecting humans.



2 thoughts on “Scarecrow

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes they are very real and they add new ones occasionally. I might do a follow up post if they add any more unusual ones. I’m glad you enjoyed my post!

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