Festival Feelings Part 3

Hello there! Welcome to Part 3 of my series of photographs of the Nagashi-bina festival. Please click  Part 1 or Part 2 if you missed my previous posts. Today’s photo shows the procession of the ladies, minus the Princess, making their way to the riverside to release their paper boats. As I said in Part 1, the Nagashi-bina festival involves setting paper boats with dolls in down a river to send away any bad luck. It is related to the Girl’s Festival or Hina Matsuri which occurs every 3rd of March.


I took this photograph while standing on the bank above the path that leads down to the river. Behind this procession, the general public follows with their own boats hoping to send away any bad luck they may have. You can see some spectators on the other side of the river, there were also many people gathered on a bridge (out of view) off the right side of the shot. It was quite a popular event.

For this photo I experimented more with the radial filter in Lightroom. This tool allows you to isolate an area to make changes to. In the case of this photo, the colours of the costumes  stand out quite strikingly against the bland colours of the sky and river. With the radial filter, I was able to emphasise this even more. Let’s take a look at what I did in Lightroom:

Screenshot (23)


Here you can see that I placed the radial filter only over the ladies. The red shading shows where the changes will take place on the image. I reduced the saturation and clarity to achieve the effect I was after.

Below is the original, unedited photo. You can see the background, especially the sky has a lot more blue and detail in it.

Screenshot (25)

Here is a comparison shot of before (left) and after (right). I wanted to drain the colour from the background a bit to make the colours of the ladies’ costumes pop out more.

Screenshot (33)

I feel like I managed to draw more focus to the ladies quite successfully, although I am unsure whether I like the finished effect. I think the expanse of the river along the right hand side is very grey and maybe it is wasted space I could crop out. Although the original photograph stands quite well in its unedited form, I think it was a good opportunity to experiment with the radial filter which is quite a powerful tool as you can isolate specific areas to make you changes to.

I hope you enjoyed this third instalment of my festival series! Don’t forget you can also follow me on Instagram for more photos and less ramblings.

Keep an eye out for my next post which will be my final part for this festival. It will be a bonus post showing more of the photos I took, less talking about my editing process.

Feel free to leave a comment, I am always happy to receive your thoughts, questions and critiques. See you next time!

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