First blog post

Hello everyone! So this is my photography blog. I have been a casual photographer for a few years now and thought it was about time I make a serious move to getting better at it!

A little about me: I am a twenty-something girl from the UK currently living in Japan as an English teacher. My days usually involve cycling across rice paddies to rural schools where I spend my time with the crazy primary school children and moody junior high teens. I love swimming, just about the only excersise I actually enjoy, as well as dabbling in a bit of kyuudo – Japan’s martial art of archery. I love to travel and always take my camera with me. I use a Fujifilm X10 which I’ve owned for a few years.

A lot of my photos will be of Japan but I’ll be back in the UK later this year so I’ll be able to get some diversity in my subjects. I have only just started learning photo editing, using software like Adobe Lightroom, but by posting on this blog regularly I hope to get better. I will also try and write a bit about my creative process. Any advice and critiques are very welcome!

Small statue outside a temple in Arima Onsen Resort, Kobe.



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